The Last in Bushmills’ Rare Casks Series Announced

The Last in Bushmills’ Rare Casks Series Announced

This month marks the culmination of Bushmills' Rare Casks series with the introduction of a 31-year-old Irish single malt whiskey For the U.S. market.

This release stands as the oldest in the series and boasts a unique maturation process. It spent over half its aging period in virgin oak barrels, similar to those utilized in bourbon production.

The Rare Casks series is known for featuring older single malts with extensive maturation in a variety of barrels. The inaugural release was a 28-year-old single malt aged for 17 years in French Cognac casks. Following that, a 29-year-old single malt matured in Pedro Ximenez sherry casks from Spain. The third installment was a 30-year-old whiskey that spent 17 years in first-fill Madeira wine barrels.

The latest, Rare Cask 04, is a 31-year-old single malt initially aged for 14 years in ex-bourbon and sherry casks before being transferred to new American oak barrels, specially toasted for Bushmills.

This secondary maturation phase celebrates the historic connections between Ireland and the United States, highlighting the journey of bourbon barrels from Kentucky to Irish distilleries.

Despite the extensive time in new oak, the whiskey maintains a balanced flavor profile with notes of fresh red berries, orange, apple, vanilla, black pepper, and chocolate, complemented by a hint of tannic char. The temperate climate of Northern Ireland has allowed the whiskey to mature gracefully without being overpowered by the oak.

Only 780 bottles of this exceptional whiskey have been produced, priced at $2600 and available through ReserveBar in the U.S., where you can also explore the full range of Bushmills' whiskeys.

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