The Copeland Distillery Unveils New 5 Year Old Single Grain Irish Whiskey

The Copeland Distillery Unveils New 5 Year Old Single Grain Irish Whiskey

The Copeland Distillery has released a 5-year-old Single Grain Irish whiskey – the second permanent addition to its Merchants’ Quay blended Irish whiskey range.

Aged in single-use American Bourbon barrels, and finished in Muscatel and Pedro Ximenez wine casks, the 5-year-old whiskey has been carefully curated by the distillery team in the harbour town of Donaghadee, Co. Down.

Already home to award-winning spirits across various categories including gin and rum, whiskey has long been a priority for the Distillery, signalled by its six-figure, 2019 investment in its current facility - an abandoned cinema and former community centre. This investment kick-started the Distillery’s whiskey production, and now five years on, it has not only announced the release of a new five-year Single Grain whiskey but is soon to release the first malt and pot-still whiskeys distilled in Donaghadee, which are nearing maturation and will be launched at the end of 2024.

Gareth Irvine, founder of The Copeland Distillery, said:

“2024 marks a significant moment in our whiskey journey. We continue to establish pedigree and showcase our creativity and craftmanship in blended whiskey through our Merchants’ Quay range, and it’s particularly important we do so, as we prepare for the first release of our own pot-stills and single malts later this year. There are currently over 500 casks filled and maturing in our cask warehouse on the Ards Peninsula, which equates to over 150,000 bottles.
“We’re incredibly proud of our identity as Northern Ireland’s most innovative distillery, and how we have instilled our local heritage and history into our spirits range. Our Merchants’ Quay range, for instance, reflects Donaghadee’s historic position as one of Ireland’s busiest ports and represents the colourful history of maritime activity in the town that can be traced back to the 13th century.” 
With whiskey the third-highest growing spirits category in the US, and over 55 million litres of Irish whiskey sold across North America in 2022, it’s important that Irish distilleries develop their export potential by focusing on quality and brand identity.

Mark Prentice, Commercial Director at The Copeland Distillery, said:

“We’re incredibly grateful for the support the local market continues to give, but export is crucial to the long-term growth of the distillery.  
When it comes to whiskey, although Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and Africa remain important, the US is our primary market. It is a competitive environment, but we can speak confidently about our quality and our provenance which helps build connection with consumers. 
Over the last 12 months, we have proven our appeal, particularly amongst the Irish diaspora, and as the demand for Irish whiskey grows, we are well-positioned to meet demand through our expanded Merchants’ Quay range. It’s an exciting time as our whiskey offering is set to transform towards the end of the year with the release of the first cask of whiskey produced in Donaghadee.”

The new Merchants’ Quay 5-year-old Single Grain Whiskey is bottled at 46% ABV and has been aged in a unique combination of casks, giving a unique, rich and complex flavour profile. 

On the nose, drinkers can enjoy  notes of caramelised apple, demerara sugar and marmalade / sticky orange.

On the palate, it is rich and intense with flavours of dates in dulce de leche, honey-drizzled black cherries, mandarin, warm oak, and sweet custard dominating the experience.

The finish is an unexpected but perfected blend of sweetness and spice.

The new Single Grain whiskey is available in off-licences, bars and restaurants on the island of Ireland currently and is priced at £39.99 (70cl).

For more information visit or @copelanddistillery on Instagram.

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