Roe & Co Releases Solera Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Roe & Co Releases Solera Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Today, Roe & Co Irish Whiskey announced the launch of its latest expression, Roe & Co Solera Single Malt Irish Whiskey. A vibrant, permanent addition to the Roe & Co family, that uses the solera method, which incorporates fractional finishing of whiskey across a range of ages and cask types, including the first ever casks produced at the Roe & Co Distillery.

Roe & Co Solera Single Malt Irish Whiskey is produced using a fractional finishing process, where the whiskey is finished in one layer (criadera) of the solera system before a portion of it is cascaded through to the next layer. Each layer uses a different cask type to create an ever-evolving flavour profile over time. At the end of the process, a portion of the lower layers (criaderas) are bottled to create the final whiskey expression.  The only constant in the system is that whatever volume has been removed from each criadera must be replenished with liquid cascaded down from the layer above it, whilst refilling the top layer with new whiskey once the ‘topping up’ process is complete. As the solera process is a constant filling and refilling, the process offers a continuous evolution of the flavour profile, with remnants of the first ever distillery distilled cask, remaining ever-present in future releases.

A first for the brand, and a process rarely used in the Irish Whiskey industry, Roe & Co Solera Single Malt Irish Whiskey re-imagines the possibilities of flavour using four criaderas of hand selected casks. This specific finishing process is comprised of both refill and first fill American Oak ex Bourbon barrels, newly Alligator charred American oak barrels, Chestnut barrels with two custom toasting profiles to access a full 360-degree profile of the wood from spicy and sweet to nutty and tannic, and four different types of Sherry casks.

Speaking about the launch, Head Distiller Lora Hemy, commented ‘Roe & Co Irish Whiskey is thrilled to introduce the first release of Roe & Co Solera Single Malt Irish Whiskey, a permanent addition to the Roe & Co family. With this expression we're looking at how we layer complex depths of flavour and texture in new and interesting ways. It is exciting to take a different approach and gather inspiration directly from the world of mixed drinks, with a process forward approach to whiskey. This release showcases the balance between the distillery impact on spirit character and the impact of wood, with a process that allows both to shine.

The result is a whiskey packed full of flavour and quite unlike anything else we have seen in Irish Whiskey. There is a lot more body to this than most triple distilled whiskey releases – that is quite deliberate, as we took inspiration from winemaking to add texture. Using four different types of casks but multiple iterations, we get a complex and exciting whiskey to enjoy.

The American bourbon barrels give notes of sweetness and toffee, the alligator char gives the liquid toasted and roasted notes. The chestnut casks give us something nuttier and spicier, they act almost like citrus in a mixed drink to focus the palate. The Sherry casks at the end bring everything together with rich fruit and more texture. Working with the Solera process has allowed us to craft the delicate elements of each cask profile without any of them dominating the recipe. As the solera process is a constant filling and refilling, the process offers an ever-evolving flavour profile, but with remnants of the first ever cask distilled at our distillery remaining ever-present in Solera editions long into the future. The idea that we have this evolving story and that the hands of everybody that's ever worked here will be part of every single bottle, is incredible.’

Roe & Co offers a unique flavour profile that makes it equally enjoyable in a variety of different serves whether sipped, shaken, stirred, or smashed. The Head Distiller at Roe & Co, Lora Hemy, recommends serving this special first edition in your favourite glass and enjoying it whichever way you like, be it neat, on the rocks, with a dash of water, or as a delicious base in your favourite cocktail. Roe & Co Solera Single Malt Irish Whiskey has specifically been created to deliver something that is balanced and delicious, complex, and flavourful, so it holds up nicely in a cocktail serve. 

The non-chill filtered Roe & Co Solera Single Malt first edition is a beautifully complex Irish Whiskey and is bottled at 46% ABV, it will be available in key outlets nationwide, and via the Roe & Co Distillery for €85 from February 2024. 

The product will be available in Dublin Airport from March 2024 with additional markets to follow as more whiskey becomes available. For more information, visit


Distillery-provided Tasting notes: 

NOSE:  Hints of muscovado sugar, apples and pears, followed by tropical fruits and sherried notes.

PALATE: Maple syrup and caramel, with complex notes of roasted walnut, coconut, and dried fruit.

FINISH: Medium dry finish with caramelised baked pear and luscious tropical fruits.

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