Roe & Co Launches Flor Single Grain Irish Whiskey

Roe & Co Launches Flor Single Grain Irish Whiskey

Today, Roe & Co unveils its latest expression – Roe & Co Flor Single Grain Irish Whiskey. This 14-year-old Single Grain expression is inspired by the age-old biological maturation of fortified wines from the Jerez region. Roe & Co Flor marks the brand’s first permanent single grain release.

Taking inspiration from Bodegas in the Jerez region Roe & Co have produced a whiskey that marries the 14-year-old Single Grain whiskey with the influence of select sherry casks that used a biological maturation process. Roe & Co Flor is meticulously finished in Fino and Amontillado Sherry casks which used a biological aging process. Amontillado casks followed a dual aging process, biologically and oxidatively; while the Fino casks solely followed a biological aging process. The casks have been hand-selected to create a crafted whiskey with a light flavour profile and notes of nuts, citrus and orchard fruits. 

In the biological aging process of these wines, the Veil de Flor, or the Flor, is a thin layer of naturally occurring yeast that forms on top of the wines while they are resting in the cask. The Flor (meaning Flower in Spanish), not only acts as a protective barrier, preventing oxidisation of the wine, but also creates a more dynamic natural aging process to produce lighter, sweeter flavour wines, creating the perfect partner casks to finish our Roe & Co 14-year-old Single Grain Irish Whiskey.

 Commenting on the launch, Roe & Co representative, Lora Hemy, states

Roe & Co is excited to release the first Single Grain expression, Roe & Co Flor Irish Whiskey, the latest innovation that will be a permanent addition to the Roe & Co family. This expression allowed us to experiment with an innovative process that was extremely rewarding. By taking a different approach and gathering inspiration from the Jerez region, we’ve crafted a vibrantly bold whiskey infused with character. The Veil de Flor's protective qualities and natural aging process underlie this exceptional whiskey, providing a unique flavour profile that is both delicate and profound.

The non-chill filtered Roe & Co Flor 14 YO Single Grain Irish Whiskey is a vibrantly bold Irish Whiskey and is bottled at 46% ABV. It will be available via Roe & Co Distillery and key outlets in Ireland, Northern Europe, and Global Travel markets late May/ early June 2024, with a RRP of €95.

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