Ogham Whiskey Announces New Cognac-Finished Single Malt

Ogham Whiskey Announces New Cognac-Finished Single Malt

Ogham Whiskey's latest expression is a 7-year-old single malt Irish whiskey finished in a cognac cask.

Per the brand, it carries a honeyed malt with a delicate sweetness with the cognac cask finishes adding subtle hints of dried fruits with vanilla undertones. The finish is long and satisfying with lingering notes of caramel. 

This exclusive release has been sourced through Great Northern Distillery by W.D. O'Connell Whiskey merchants. This latest expression is limited to less than 1,100 bottles and is bottled at 46.23%.

Ogham was founded by rugby Stars Adam and Dan Leavy along with father Donal and friends 4-years ago when the Leavy family looked to explore the possibility of developing a distillery on their family farm in Mullingar.

Adam was always passionate about creating a whiskey brand that had a nod to the past, paid its respect to the ancient craft of the Irish person and what better way of doing so by incorporating the original Irish Alphabet into their story - OGHAM.

Ogham is the earliest known form of writing used in Ireland. The earliest surviving examples date back to the 4th century AD meaning that Ogham provides a window into the language, culture, and society of early Ireland.

Among the finer details of the bottle are some personal touches which reference those involved such as a 7-year age statement to reflect Dan’s number when he played for Ireland and Leinster and Adam’s time with the Ireland 7s team. 

In addition, the back of the bottle is adorned with the ogham spelling of DL which are the initials of three of the four founders while the words “Pure”, “Family”, “Éire” and "Pride" also feature. 

Speaking of the launch Adam Leavy said

We’re delighted to round off a remarkable first year with our third and final release of 2023. To date the journey has been so enjoyable, we’re only getting started and look forward to showing you what we have planned for 2024.

Commenting on the news, Dan Leavy, said

Our passion for Ogham continues to burn strong and we’re delighted to share our latest creation with everyone. We’re very proud of how we’re rounding off our first year and we think we’ve created the perfect stocking filler for the whiskey lover in your life.

Its bottle has been designed by award winning design agency Third Mind Design in Blackrock, Dublin. The team have gone through 23 (reasoning behind the 46.23% ABV) different variations of bottle designs, concepts, moulds and drawings to arrive at the final product.

Priced at €83 (RRP) per 500ml bottle, Ogham Irish Whiskey is available to purchase from 7th December 2023 at www.oghamwhiskey.com.

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