New Redbreast Exclusive Announced for Travel Retail

New Redbreast Exclusive Announced for Travel Retail

Redbreast Irish Whiskey, produced by Irish Distillers at its world-renowned Midleton Distillery in Co. Cork, Ireland, proudly presents Redbreast Cuatro Barriles Edition.

The extraordinary single pot still Irish whiskey has launched exclusively to Global Travel Retail available now at Dublin and Cork Duty Free, Ireland, at €108 RRP and forms part of the Redbreast Iberian Series.

This newest expression has been created by marrying together whiskey aged in four distinct cask types – American ex-bourbon, Spanish Oloroso sherry butts, Portuguese tawny port hogsheads and European virgin oak casks. Featuring this unique and rare combination of casks, the whiskey offers extraordinary complexity, with waves of sweet spices, delicate wine tannins, generous dark berry notes and subtle oak tones. Redbreast Cuatro Barriles Edition embodies the symphony of flavours from each barrel, instantly transporting the consumer across the Bodegas of Spain and Portugal, to the bright warmth of the Iberian Peninsula with each sip.

Dublin International Airport, which welcomed almost 32 million travellers in 2023 and is connected to over 190 destinations worldwide, and Cork Airport, the international gateway to the South of Ireland, represent incredible launchpads for the exquisite new GTR exclusive from Redbreast in its flagship home, where the brand carries iconic status. Brought to life in the stunning retail environments, amongst so many prestigious brands, including local heroes, Redbreast Cuatro Barriles Edition is in truly excellent company.

Following the 2023 limited-edition release of Redbreast Tawny Port Edition, Redbreast Cuatro Barriles Edition marks the fourth expression in the award-wining Redbreast Iberian Series, which is inspired by Redbreast’s long-standing connection to some of the Iberian Peninsula’s most celebrated cooperages and winemakers.

Each release combines the craft and rich heritage of the region with the excellence of Midleton Distillery’s single pot still whiskeys to create expressions that are truly remarkable. Redbreast Cuatro Barriles Edition is a significant new chapter to the brand's portfolio, showcasing the brand’s commitment to the exploration of new flavour profiles, adding depth to Redbreast's celebrated line-up. 

The use of Oloroso sherry butts and ex-bourbon barrels, synonymous with the renowned Redbreast Iberian Series, remain as a cornerstone for the expression. These barrels, integral to Redbreast's identity, pay homage to the brand’s legacy and ongoing success. The influence of the Oloroso sherry seasoning imparts notes of dried fruits, orange peel and nutty undertones, while the use of ex-bourbon barrels contribute aromas of sweet vanilla, toasted oak and dustings of nutmeg. 

Meanwhile, the use of the tawny port hogsheads and pristine European virgin oak casks add a new dimension to this storied blend. The inclusion of these two casks signifies a creative new chapter in Redbreast's journey, that began during the Midleton Distillery teams’ travels across the Iberian Peninsula. The delicately drying tannins from the virgin oak barrel add structure and body to the mouthfeel, magnifying the depth and complexity of this wonderfully balanced whiskey. The use of tawny port seasoned casks contributes delicate hints of smoked almonds, praline and dark berry fruits adding further complexity to the adventurous array of flavours in this new expression.

The dynamic quartet of barrels work in harmony, marrying together the core of Redbreast’s distinguished identity with a unique twist. The result is a whiskey that seamlessly weaves tradition with innovation, a testament to Redbreast's devotion to both its heritage and the pursuit of new and exciting taste experiences for its consumers.

Master Blender, Dave McCabe expands:

“There's a profound joy in creating a whiskey that mirrors the vibrant journey taken to create it, so I am delighted that the flavour of the final liquid is reminiscent of our travels, encapsulating each encounter, all of which have played a pivotal role in shaping the Redbreast Iberian Series to this day. Redbreast Cuatro Barriles Edition is a harmonious whiskey, echoing the diversity and richness of the outstanding barrels we have found across the Iberian Peninsula, and I can’t wait for both enthusiasts and those new to the range to experience it first-hand.”

Redbreast Cuatro Barriles Edition invites the discerning traveller to explore the distinctive influence of each barrel and savour the combined story of craftsmanship and adventure. Redbreast Cuatro Barriles Edition is bottled at 46% ABV and is exclusively available now through Global Travel Retail at Dublin and Cork Duty Free at €108 RRP.

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