Garden County Distillery Announces 7 year old Single Cask Single Grain

Garden County Distillery Announces 7 year old Single Cask Single Grain

Garden County Distillery has announced the release of its oldest whiskey to date, a 7 year old single cask Single Grain Irish whiskey.

The whiskey was distilled in December 2015 and left to mature in Ex-Bourbon barrels before being transferred into a 500L Oloroso Sherry butt in October 2020 where it remained for two and a half years.

This single cask has yielded 577 bottles at 51.3%ABV, of which only 400 are allocated to Ireland with the remainder heading to export partners.

When the whiskey was re-casked, Garden County Distillery transferred two ex-bourbon barrels into the new Sherry butt. Given there was headroom in the cask, they opted to add some cutting water at this stage to see the effect of having this lower ABV spirit in cask for a number of years.

The final ABV achieved was 51.3%.The handwritten labels along with the new more luxurious bottle for the Single Cask and Cask Strength releases give this whiskey a stand out look in the portfolio. 

Official Tasting Notes:

Nose: Bright with notes of honey, golden raisin, white fruits and lightly floral. 

Palate: Creamy mouthfeel, white melon, honey, golden raisin and hints of vanilla and puff pastry.

Finish: Sweet with mild warm spice and black pepper. 

About Garden County Distillery: 

"We are a father and son team based in Rathnew, Wicklow - The Garden County of Ireland. Since setting out on our distilling adventure in 2016, we have produced many award winning gins and liqueurs. In 2017, with whiskey production in our sights, we began to purchase and bond stocks of new make and aging whiskey.
We set out about getting our own whiskey production operation up and running. After many years of learning, planning, fundraising and pandemics, we hope to be making our whiskey before the year is out. From all we have learned, we see Single Pot Still as the future of growth in the Irish whiskey market globally.
The flavours that can be achieved are phenomenal and of this island alone. As such, we have set up our operation to best handle single pot still production.
With our 3 x 1000L copper pot stills, we intend to produce and distill a wash of 2000L, before giving a second distillation to produce some wonderful, double distilled, mixed mash bill pot still. We look forward to sharing some new make with you while showing you around our new facility in the near future."

This release will be sold exclusively through from 10am Friday, 17th November 2023, priced at €70.

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